Tiptoe, tiptoe
tiptoe dear voice
tiptoe young heart
many are fragile as you
but their way is not, mercy
they might snarl they might glare
they might growl they will not be fair
they might bark they might bite
but you may not swing don’t cause a fight
your voice untamed tiptoe graceful
Go sit don’t stand
do not face the fight toe to toe
no, no, oh no
hold back, die they say
it is only pride stuck in your throat
swallow it down with your frog
but don’t make a sound
hold your breath
tears might offend
dancefloor carpeted with eggshells
be graceful.
tiptoe, tiptoe
wave your wither white heart
quiet, quiet, don’t start a war
you can say no more
Sing dear voice
Dance young heart
Many are, as fragile
holding their breath afraid of you
afraid they stand and do not move.
No more, no more tiptoe.
tiptoe only to see more clear
no more tip your soul into fear
beat bloody red beat alive
all are standing with held breath
no more, no more.
Dance and break shells
some will join others might cheer
cry, breathe, hold your voice no more,
dance the floor clear
no more tiptoe
no more, no more.

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