There is a glint to this mysterious sanctuary
an unspoken beauty, a loud secret
a place fairytales come alive
with its tragedy and happy
if you only will go ever after

Here a story begins
By a bed of diamonds with sheets that shimmer
here trees move to make a sound
leaves no stone unturned
fallen bridges house no trolls
rabbits of rock and roll
Moon-like antelope follow while you stroll
the wind encourages all of nature to lull
soft sand and small stone
breaks into song.

Walk-in this feared paradise
A death stirs around
selling apples of hate,
bite and lose sight
A foul, smell will trouble the heart
poor paradise plundered, polluted
Beauty can not be undone
there is an allure in its endurance
Stand quietly
Forget the fear-filled smells
You will see a daughter of the forest plant
seeds lovingly
Captured by moss and embark on a restoration
you will see the wise, walk and encapsulate
time patiently
caught by light and photosynthesizes forever
even sometimes you can find poets seek
words longingly
held by roots and rains hope.
Here by this mysterious gift a sanctuary out of time
blindly insight this mythical garden
look here
by a bed of diamonds
look at how they all shimmer
look at how they all reflect the Son.

Photo by Mark van der walhttps://www.instagram.com/offthewall63/?hl=en

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