Cliff diving.

The weekend is here and what a week it has been.
There is a stirring inside of me that I can not express, similar to jumping off a cliff and having that out of breath feeling and the exhilaration of knowing that for the most part you gave over to gravity and you just await the splash.
The editor is paid (SPLASH) it is such a small thing and yet it was often in my heart a thing that occupied space in the worry vault, and now it is handled (SPLASH).
Do, go out there and do, jump take action give over to the gravity of your heart be pulled and enjoy the breathlessness and enjoy the SPLASH!!!!

Feeling freedom, the more I am starting to trust the more I feel free, it seems that letting go gives life to your hands for a long while I have held on to what a “writer,” “poet” is supposed to be and that holding on caused my hands to die and the poetry with it, now the more I let go the more life my hands have I still try to keep it tamed but ever so slowly letting go of the leash, with this freedom I have been discovering how I like to write, now with the book gaining new momentum toward the publishing goal I am excited about the next,(JUMP.) Climbing back up that hill running straight, ready for round two. (JUMP)
Let go, your legs might feel heavy, it might seem high but you know the splash you know the fall, trust that gravity will guide you down again, and the more you do it the easier the jumping becomes soon it will more feel like flying.

There is a smell in the air, I have spoken many times about the Chef in the kitchen I often try and peak what is this Cook busy with but for now, I sit by my table and trust, my nose recognize some smells and my mind attempts to guess the menu, I have some hopes for what is for dessert but for the most part I sit, trust and enjoy.
Anticipation, I have some anticipation for what is to come and again I hear the call of my heart but I find myself facing a new mountain and this seems to be higher than ever before, seems like Everest to me, and I have not reached the cliff yet, but I can not see where I will land I smell salt I have this anticipation that this is a cliff dive into the ocean, I am excited, I trust my heart, my legs and mind need courage but I am not standing at the mountain, my heart is already high on its way the rest of me needs to catch up, filled with fear and the worry vault overloaded and yet I feel, freedom, I feel love and honestly I am afraid but my excitement and love is far greater so I (CLIMB.)
We all have conversations with our heart often it feels as if the thing is recklessly jumping everywhere and we try and catch it for fear of getting hurt, it might have been cut before but sometimes we imprison the little thing without knowing that the guard is imprisoned as well.
Let go, do not imprison yourself with fear, trust, breathe and calmly climb, for the heart might often be clumsy and stumble, be there encourage and guide this is not just your heart you are following this is your dreams, your love, this is you, your life, your heart, stand and look out trust gravity and the ocean.
SJB or BJS, Splash Jump Climb or Climb, Jump, Splash.

I hope you enjoy your weekend thank you for reading.
Peace and Love.

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