Go play

There, by the garden, by a pond, by a tree
Play with sand and stone build, make
Climb, taste, and see.
Here you are free to be
be is you
Here you are safe
This ground holy for bare souls to dance
puddles sing and splash
trees whisper and laugh
winds caress and nudge
grass tickle and scratch
animals love as love loves to love

you are the joy of a parent
bring tears of laughter to eyes that see you whole
Go play, hear this call go play
the ground prepared with the table
bottomless cups and all
Here everything has a taste
some you might crave others might make you gag
discover them, everyone delicious and gross
you are stunning worth a brag
you are free and the playground waits
waits for you.

All is possible sweet kisses
and holding hands
with a dash of bravery and maybe a splash of madness
lovers love to love
fall and jump
laugh and cry,
bold and brave
stretch out your hand this world waits for your romance
colors dance through the day
go play and see
even the sunsets are written letters for everyone
you and me
go play.

Go play, all is made for you
run your hands on life as a beating heart
this world is a gift to you
shake and listen
rip off the wrapping and see that all of life
is a gift all of life is a gift.
Please listen to your heart.
Go Play…

Go play

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