We the doing things

The rooster crows for the morning to come.

Alarms blaring the world awake
Beeps and sirens, disappointed breath and static stations
Breaking news and hopeful music, boiling kettles, and notifications.
Turning engines and slamming doors
Reluctant children bells traffic and rage
Alarms and alarms meetings and things
More and more the symphony of busy
We are the doing things
Do do do.
More doors slamming more honking and hooting
More shouting and screaming more and more of more.
Notifications more and more applications
Applications for schedules, organizations ting
Applications for communication and entertainment ting
Applications for health ting applications for travel ting
Ting ting ting the thing that we hold closer than lovers and family
Ting, we move ting we read ting we need
Applications for peace and quiet ting applications for meditation.
Ting ting ting
More and more for us
The doing things
More static stations and rage
Sad relieved children and tense parents
Home doors slamming rejected animals welcoming
More and more ting’s and things more and more of more
Ting ting ting our pockets blare more and more stations
Alarms beeps and tings.
Slower we go, with our doing things

The stars quiet in its beauty the moon floods the night
The rooster awaits the morning.

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