Hello, World.

Hello world, today I rise, not as a slave waiting for the whip
Today I am in awe of you, you magical thing
Tell me again, I listen.
Let the birds sing, let the clouds paint.
Tell me again, I sit and watch the play
Written by the wind
Tell me again,
Tell me again.
I rise with bare soul, racing shoes in the cupboard
Hello world, I am excited to play
What a day,
No worry, no why, no how, no the way.
I jump into you
My nails scrape ground what mysteries will be found
Move earthworm, I move with you.
Now my hands’ clay with flower blankets
What wonder awaits our eyes
Beneath the grains and sky
Things that grow things that cheer when the wind blow

Hello world I spare the sweat of my brow, rest my heart
Today, I know that forever I will remain a child
Today, Daddy looks at me as I discover your wonder
I see that the playground is open
Much to show and tell
I will skip like a rock across the pond
I will slide like a snail
Daddy counts to ten seek and find our game
I say I will find You
I find You
You hide in broad daylight
Always to be found
Always making a sound
We will giggle and laugh
I will nap with the sun on my face
Does not matter where the place
Everywhere You embrace

World today I rise, not to race or keep pace
No need to battle for first place
When you are crowned all ready
World, look at me as I do nothing
Nothing but admire you
Now look today
Now look world
We all sparkle
We glisten like rolling raindrops
Because of the Son within us.

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