Into the quiet

Into the quiet, I go
There inside I heard a silence
I know, this place I go
Deeper and deeper I move to this quiet home
Tranquility lives inside alive
The only loud is the ground announcing my walk
The birds may fly by with a squawk
Frogs gently talk
but silence is the tongue of the wild
I sit by this living body lying still
my soul sips and I do not thirst

I walk making my crackle
frightening the grazing life but they forgive
I am welcomed and they give
Here I am not ashamed to receive
With blaring steps, I say much
weighted I stand by the trees
trees that stood giving shade, indiscriminately
I am encouraged by their quiet whisper of strength

Battles and death be present
Yet peace is their way
Harmony between the living and dead
no guilt, no shame instead, gratitude remain
I walk, sit, stand, and climb
I listen and finally hear all that is said
They all say
The trees shedding their skin
The grass that sway
The crab, that found a way
all alive
even I, I dare say

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