Little burning.

Trust its not about the catch or the fall it is about the hands.

Little bird teach me how to forget about tomorrow
Teach me how to build a nest without worry
Teach me about flying
Do you think about how high you can go
Or how it will hurt if you fall.
Burning sun do you have a tomorrow
Teach me to always rise
how do you stay so bright
even when clouds come and dim
Little bee how is your labor so sweet
teach me, how what you freely give can never be stolen.
Burning star how do you shine
teach me to sparkle without comparison
how do you shoot and give hope
does it bother that we wish on your death
Teach me to stay true even when not seen
Or when others outshine
Teach me about the beauty I do not see.
Little ant teach me about devout work
how do you carry such weight
teach me how you trod amongst trampling feet
how do you make home with such little limbs
Teach me please teach
all of you how do you exist being you.
teach me about the little burning inside
Trust teach me trust
Do you know that you do or are you just?
am I just I am, and trust is not about the fall or the catch…

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