They will call you broken
They point to the moon and call it half
They call it as they see it
They do not see true
The moon is always full
so are you
A Sun is not broken when it sets.
though, it may be dark.
The sky is not broken when it rains.
Though, the land becomes damp and muddy.
The world is not broken when the earthquakes.
Though, everything trembles.

You are not broken.
though the cup fell
they rejected
failed the test
one pair of shoes
wrong choices
trail of shattered hearts behind you
You are not broken.
Though, you might have forgotten yourself
the sun never stops to shine.
So do you.
The rain brings life.
So do you.
Earthquakes cause the world to dance.
So do you. Shake it up.
Let them tremble.
Do not believe eyes that judge.
You are not broken.
Do not forget yourself.
No matter what they call you.


      1. My absolute pleasure friend. I must be the one to thank you. This is one the best things poetry can do, and you are doing it so well. Have an equally blessed day.
        Peace and greetings.

        Liked by 1 person

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