Why do we live such secret lives
none must know, none must see,
strong we must be.
Contained hearts lives jarred
swallowing tear chokes the soul.
Like dogs, we need to let go
after we go through cold winters
break the façade of being strong
a waterfall is not strong if it holds on
it needs to fall, vulnerable, beautiful, and strong.

Even our spring we contain
ashamed of the jump in our step
as if joy is wrong.
As if our happy can be overweight
our scales weigh us down, in its dark chasm, we live our secret lives
Secretly we hunger to be
desire to love and smile, to cry and jump
but mannered and contained we must be
so we fade, secretly we fade
gently we tiptoe around eggshell lives
afraid, of the crack, holding back

These secret lives
secretly want to love, jump, kiss and cry
in the quiet, a soul wonders why
why hold back, why live contained, why hold breath
yearns to be free before death
yearns to be


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