Selling Jesus

O’ Lord it is hard to write
language, words I count
hoping that they are sufficient and true
but nothing seems to be enough for you
yet I still write this
A poem, prayer, page of complaints and praise
for with my words I seek
what is true, love, kingdom, You.

Rolling on some tongues I hear
what I do not feel.
A concordat, a deal
They say; Only your life it will cost
selling me, not you. Miracles and eternal life.
A full course meal at the cost of taste tongue and teeth all grief.
but when death comes I might, have paid for relief.
A tragic sales pitch
Sounding like a bargain for the bastards, bitches, and excluded
Eager for the key to the great gate,
willingly go through shit to get the T-shirt
Fearfully hoping for their size yet
The team promise to make you fit, for their credit.

Rolling tongues sing to absent Gods
Lonely worship like reaching hands
Hungry to be lovingly lifted
often I and some want to do.
seeking a measuring stick, the worthy task
the whip and lash, desire the going trough hell
to be adequate for you
but nothing seems to be enough for You

Children captured, imprisoned in sinful sacks of skin
the curse of our long remembered apple-eating kin.
What you made
Assemble You cold-hearted
limited grace a God with no face
No hands, no embrace only thunder and rod
staff and fire.

O’ Lord it is hard to write
the sentences served seems short-handed
and nothing seems to be enough for you
I seek, You, kingdom, truth.
Between religious pages and Sunday places
I found tasteless, dull mold molded meals
inside everything feels, sad heavy and despairing
what red herring have I come across
distracting, misleading, diverted to walking the path of meaning
yet nothing seems to be enough for You.

O’ God it is hard to write
my heart out the words
I count don’t add up to what I feel for you.
nothing seems to be enough for you
All rhyme and wit are just rhyme and wit
no extra credit all ready full marks
What I believe I found by long walks, silly talks,
Birds chirps and childish giggles
between friends and quiet sittings
I started knowing You by You
from us, you never departed
From sun to Son till now not a day away
A love that remains, and will always stay
What I realize that in your sight I am.
In us, you delight.
and nothing is enough for You.

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