No rose is dull

How do you express a heart with so much life to share?
I have been only posting poetry for a while and now I feel like I want to let you all in on the things I have experienced in life and just committing to writing a poem for five days of the week every week for an undisclosed period of time.
I have to follow my own advice and just breathe, honestly, I feel like I want to explode.

I am just going to fall in with a rose, I have simple eyes when it comes to roses all I notice is the colour, but recently my horizons have been broadened about the different kinds and their names and I was reminded that there is always more to everything we see, roses are not just beautiful flowers with thorns.
I had the privilege to accompany Mark and Kelly to an art exhibition in Rosendale, and again my mind broke as it often does, inspired, overwhelmed with life and all its possibilities.
It was beautiful art of all kind, photos, paintings and sculptures, it felt special to be at a small town in a little place with tiny rooms and the world is going on with all its beauty and madness but there in that place at that moment we are just walking in a place with things created by other roses with wonderful names and layers and stories, appreciating their time and hands was an amazing privilege.
Realising the rose we see most often, judge the hardest for its thorns and only see as dull, is the reflected rose, it’s hard to see our own splendour and magic our own vibrancy.
We often feel guilty when we catch a glimpse of our beauty.

Walking seeing what people made I felt my heart resonate, as if there was soul music playing bouncing off from the art and the people, I hear the song I felt my hart harmonising with this song, and I got excited for my friends that I know have sweet music to share to sing, hum and play.
I got excited and I frustrated, with our hiding and feeling inferior or whatever the excuses are to not just let it all out, maybe it was more for me then for my friends maybe, sometimes when I stand on a mountain and watch the sunrise I honestly wish the world could just stand still and appreciate the splendour of light, and Mark and Kelly are such splendours rising suns of warmth and colour.
We all are, it is just easier to see in others.
On the drive back I broke into a badly spoken speech with what Kelly calls F-bombs of how FRUSTRATED I was with them because I want them not to hide or doubt their own light, they should create and go for it, the words I flung on our way back was aimed at myself as well.
Now that speech with some revision.
I am excited for all of us, there is not one dull rose, and the beauty of a sunrise and a rose is that it does not beg for an audience when it is just purely itself.

I often walk with Mark and we go to places and take photos of beautiful nature and wildlife or entertaining streets filled with structures and moments but I catch myself often taking photos of Mark taking photos, why when all around me is there waiting for a photo why am I taking a photo of someone that I can photograph at anytime? Life, life, he is alive there is a tangible passion a heartbeat that pulsates off of him, you can feel it and you are drawn to it, I have just stood and admired Kelly at being Kelly, playing the piano, creating a garden, I have been witness to many roses and rising suns, being themselves with no audience or recording just passion erupting, a moment of unforgiving no questions asked life. Honestly, I know of no better beauty than those moments.

I often think of worth the price tag or seats filled forgetting about depth.
The depth of the moment alone on a mountain and you see the sunrise or set or looking at the ocean only you and all its splendour there is and indescribable power and intimacy an unending depth, no need for an audience or a price tag only the awareness of this beauty, and that it is a reflection of us, there is no dull rose, seen or not seen, plucked or not.
I am more excited, for my fellow roses and rising suns, exited I see us growing I see us rising I see us reflecting, I am excited without expectation a peaceful excitement knowing that there is no dull rose.

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