Call it a tiny Forest Gump moment.

When I decided to start blogging I was unsure what I should do with it, I knew that I want to write, share and express I have enjoyed the discovery and enjoy the process of writing something, being that it was unclear and that it felt like I was only starting I wrote what was on my heart writing about writing, random moments and writing more about the act of writing avoiding to write something down, this went on for longer than it should have and a friend once told me (now I will paraphrase) “but you are not writing”
He was right so I decided I will write and post my poems and that is when I had it a small “Forest Gump” moment I just decide that I will keep writing a poem on the blog every day for five days and somewhere I broke my stride but then it came again with vengeance I just kept posting poems, not knowing for how many weeks I would want to write I knew that I want to write at least one week worth of poetry but I kept writing and writing not sure when I will stop, I just kept running.
It went on for weeks and there were times when I cheated a bit well I had no rules but I posted poems that I have previously written, they needed some revision, more about that on a later blog the main thing I did was force myself to write and work on the art I love, I just kept writing a poem, each week I had five new poems I never thought I would have, all I did was write.
In the blogs to come, I want to share just what I have experienced in doing this Gump challenge and why it has changed so much of my writing and how I approach it.
When the words was said that I am not actually writing I felt it, I knew what I was doing, I was hiding, first class hiding if I have to say so myself I was hiding in plain sight I wrote and had the blog to prove it and yet a true friend saw the bullshit I was selling and I did what I do best run and keep running, running in this case straight into the direction of my heart and the more I ran toward my heart the less aware of fear I became I don’t know if I passed fear on the way to my heart or if I was running away from fear or through it but all I know is that I just posted my work and in a weird way became less and less worried what you the reader might think, now that might seem like I became lazy or not involved, that was not the case at all, all I wanted to give was honesty, I had more freedom to express and create, to cut and add what I wanted with very little thought of what might seem interesting to you, I just want to express this poem as I felt it should be as honest as I could, more on that later.

I did not think that a simple commitment to a small task like this would transform my writing as much as it did, or let me phrase it like this that it would reveal my writing as it did because for a large part we are always in the discovery of ourselves, we get revealed trough our art and that was the magic for me.
It is a liquid always moving and different but the same like an ocean or flame you see it, it is the same and yet there is always a reason to keep seeking and watching it, as it keeps revealing, so are we if we just keep in the direction of our heart.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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