I wrote a poem a day every Monday to Friday for ten weeks.
What happened well I have discovered that we are not limited, I wrote and thought that I am going to hit a blank I am not going to have a poem to write that my creativity will run out, and it did not somehow I found more and more words more and more ideas and I got better at it than I thought, I got more excited for what I was writing because I have discovered that there is just so much more, weird that the less I wrote the harder the words came and the less creative I felt.

Writing often I felt fatigue at times and that made me lazy and that I want to give up just that I just have to give up or skip the day and if that feeling was strong I hit some of my old books and wrote, rediscovered them and edited them and posted them felt a bit like cheating, but I just needed to get over my silly issues and enjoy giving new life to old pages.
One of the biggest things that happend is that I disovered how I write, call it a process but I started know mysself and trusting myself to write, my poems started changing it was a voice that was always speaking yet I have never gave it the time of day I could not always recognise it but now I have and I hear the diffrent tones and depths, and I know there is still much to discover.

I have a new confidance when writing my poems, I have become comfortible with the sitting and quiet, I often got fustrated (Fbomb)
with myself I need to get this poem out why am I just sitting here why cant I get a line written down, its going to look like I am doing nothing, what must I write about all the voices are just noise that builds wall around creativity, sparks need air, when I made peace with how I write knowing that it will come the more free I wrote the more I could write my heart out.
There is a beauty that comes with freedom and acceptance a trust that I can not give voice to yet for me it is still a young discovery, I have excitment in this new knowing and trust.

I will write more aout this “gump challenge and the discoveries with blogs to come.
Thank you for reading
Peace and Love.

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