To the dreamers

They doubt us now.
Don’t fall for their real words
For it’s not the truth
Love your dreams
Enough to offer them
Your bruised skin
Hard, hard work
Offer them your tired eyes.
Offer them your time
Blood, honesty, and Love.
Your dreams are true
With a true life!
The Brave act on their words.
Their heart whispers, dear dreams I know you.
I know you’re scent, you smell like God’s breath.
You are what God whispers to us personally.
You are the language of the heart
That’s why others often don’t understand.
Pain blinds the eyes
Nothing is more painful than losing yourself
even if it is not often felt.
Fear deafens the ears, open violent mouths.

Do not hate who do not see
do not hold, them hostage for your fear
Dream and act
Dream and work
Dream and be you.

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