They are playing with paper guns, I think sometimes it’s a phone, then a boomerang, and then the funniest it seems to be something gross a bug or a snot I don’t know but my heart is light as I witness them playing with these pieces of folded paper.
I know that is still in us all, we often act that growing up kills the child in us that is not true the child can never be killed, only placed in dark spaces and ignored till the banging on the door only becomes part of the daily noise.
The world is a limitless wonder, we can never run out of breathtaking moments and marvel.
The world will always give opportunities for exploration and play.

We stop to play mostly because of fear, fear of what others might think or what we think they will think we are taught what looks foolish and we fear how we are perceived no one wants to look foolish, but, children do not have that care, only this gorgeous moment where a folded piece of paper can be anything and we as the adults encourage this and do not judge them for acting like this paper gun is a snot or whatever we laugh with them and if no one is watching we play along because all we want as loving parent or friends and adults is for a child to play, be free and healthy.
Growing up I have never felt the child die, the only thing was I became ashamed of him, you know the moment you did something that just busted out of you a moment you were childlike and you heard the words, that is not what adults do or that was not cool.
We are composed and put together we are walking in line and say hello and goodbye people, not come and play with me, jump in a crowed and say tea party or crack a joke with your whole body, even our laughter has become muffled and revised, not too loud, no weird rhythms, only a good amount of laugh, and not too exuberant, dare not giggle that is for little girls.
Laughter is the child even if we suppress or deform the child never dies, creativity is the child fun and play is the child, we only hide that part we only become shy and fearful of our childlikeness.

There is this illusion that growing up means hardship, and that a child’s life is light and filled with butterflies, and an adult’s life is the nightmares that have become real, we have responsibilities and work,
“A life”
Kids are these beautiful angels pure and innocent, and then we transform into the monsters guilty and ugly, we won’t say it but look at our actions there is no mercy for adults and no mercy on ourselves. I think most of us went through that stage where we did not want to become an adult, I believe it is because it looked like the opposite of who we are, I did not want to grow up because I did not want to lose believe or my wonder, it is as we were taught that the opposite of adult is child, we cannot see it that way we can’t transform into the opposite of what we started as.

It is scary for a child to grow up, we often say that’s life (only when bad things happen), and talk about the horrors of life and we promote it as a selling point as if the harder it is and the worse it is the more you are adulating (more successful)
As a defense to our lost passions, we tell kids, wait till you grow up, as if we are butterflies that turn into caterpillars or worse worm monsters living only for the grind. Work monsters that know only of pain and what life truly is, we have moments of play but that is tamed and only for the weekends, and holidays but even that has the cruel whip of life.
The child lives inside, paper guns or boomerang is still inside, we try and suppress it that is why so many of us are often tired and that we feel so fatigued because we hide who we are.
We forget, there is a quote in the little prince “growing up is not the problem forgetting is.”
Don’t forget, don’t let the lies of how you have been brought up make you shy or ashamed of that child in you, don’t forget to play and be, excited a child loves the day no matter the name, today is Monday but we have paper and our imagination, we have our laugh, we are the beautiful innocent child, we grow but not out of our “childship” we are not the broken and forgotten, we have not transformed into monsters, don’t be ashamed don’t be shy come out that dark room now is the time to play, this is a life full of moments to marvel and Love.

Thank you for reading
Peace and Love

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