I pray

I prayed without knowing your name and nature
I heard from others who you are and how to speak
As if my tongue was not fit
My breath not true
I could not say to you
my heart,
I believed you could not listen or hear
such a troubled tongue.
What an affair,
I prayed in the only way I heard
bargains deals wagers and records
As if you did not care about me but for my deed
So I say let me insure, give me the cure
What is the cost of my soul dark, broken, and foul.
Often desperately wailing, with callused clasped hands
god oh, god hear, this beggar’s plead.
Your name and nature I did not know.

Now I whisper, giggle and guffaw.
Speaking with You.
hands now open
untroubled tongue sings Your name
With the wind, trees, flowers, bees, we all say
Your name
Your name a favorite breath to breath
On bicycle free and flying
sitting writing, everything
everywhere You and me always
Never away
I now pray
I pray
As a child plays

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