Mind your heart

“I am tired,” words I hear more often each day, “I am just tired,” “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I am just so tired these days.”

We face the day as if it will be a battle as if we must be prepared for this thing called life that will punch us in the face so we try and try to evade and block its punch but it always gets us.
Mondays are often the heavyweight and then Fridays are kinder more like sparing, facing the day as if it is going to be a fight will eventually make you swing, and it is tiring jabbing at air.
Every day we make people and circumstances our opponents, invisible enemies all around us, the world has even made 2020 the bad guy beating us all and we hope for 2021 to be the hero to save us, a mind that is always at war will make a soul fatigued, everything is a battle for us and I don’t know why.

What occupies the mind will trouble the spirit or lift it, in the back of our mind we always have that thing we need or want to do, but because of fear or fatigue we place it on the shelf and go on and we try to move on and yet that never settles it keeps us up, keeps us tired we do not rest because we did not handle this thing that keeps us troubled, could be a phone call you have to make or talking to someone or applying for that job or quitting that job or whatever we postpone and our spirit does not put things on hold it carries what we try to ignore.
Our heart always speaks to us, often it speaks courageously and it speaks spontaneously, and it speaks with passion and speaks of love, and we with our daily battles often do not feel brave for such things. We place our hearts on the shelf we basically ignore our own existence, passion pounces often without appointments and we have our day planned so, let’s shelf you, for now.
Our heart whispers let’s go be, and we say no, not now, now I have to stay and do, our heart jumps and bleeds for love but even that we shelf because right now it does not make sense or bad timing or…
Fill the gaps, we have this constant battle with ourselves with our honest self, and I can not think of anything more tiring than the constant killing of the heart.

Mind your heart because it does not lie to you, trusting your heart can be a scary thing, I honestly believe that God is the whisper of the heart, saying to do such seemingly ridiculous things, it could be a silly thing like take this way back home instead of the usual path, it could be that feeling of waiting before you buy, or buy that now, it could be the more daunting things like, get out of this thing you are in now, could be a job or a people or a town, it could also be, stay, these things are scary and that is the why we often place it on a shelf but I believe that is why we are so often fatigued and with that fatigue, we won’t feel ready to make such scary choices and that is how we often stay in situations for years,
being in a job you don’t like for years or at a place or in a bad relationship or not in one at all, or don’t have a job, not at the place we want to be because we are fighting ourselves, we have this battle with our heart, because often our heart does not make sense

“Fatigue makes cowards of us all”- Vince Lombardi.
I believe we are tired because we deny who we are, we fear the choices we need to make or want to make, mind your heart start listening, I can not guarantee that each feeling is your heart and even if it is the outcome will be rainbows and sunshine in Lala land, but I believe choosing the heart leads to discover you, and that is your greatest gift, don’t be afraid if your heart whispers love it is already there, act on it.

I hope that you had an epic week and that you enjoyed this read.
Thank you for reading.
Peace and Love.

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