A good Story

Five nights passed and seven stars had to die to grant him his wish, seven stars was the price for a priceless pen, The aspiring writer held this heavenly pen tight as if it was the answer to his dried mind ready to write till the rising of the sun, yet not a word, not a line could he write, cursing the stars he walks to the well of good wishes and started casting coin after coin wishing on the right book to write a good story all night and the whole of the next day he cast coin after coin even asked passersby for coins as it took all he had, and then some, was the price for the well to grant him his wish, next to him a steel blue book with moon white pages, it was lunar parchment, each page had a glow, was soft and textured, the greatest book ever crafted and the moon was never full again.
The writer with his wishes in his hands sat down expecting words but not one came to his mind.
Not a good story, he could not write a word afraid to waste ink afraid to waste a page, for what more could he wish?

What makes a good story?
There are many things that make a story good the characters the themes and the plot, how your characters grow, and the pacing, and how the themes are there, but not predictable, and countless other things that accomplished writers have written and made videos for us to learn from.
Focusing on the craft and all its elements are important to a good story, I believe the story is good before the crafting and elements, they are the fuel to the fire, and can make the telling of the good story amazing, but we can focus on every element and seek all the best ways, and drink as much caffeine or get as drunk as possible or do whatever is the next thing we believe is the best thing, but that is not what makes a story a good one, the breath of the fire, is the spark.
A spark does not always create fire at first, sometimes we have to spark a couple of times before something is lit.
The spark I speak of is that feeling that there is something, that pull, from within we all have this spark but as a spark, it is often fleeting and many just move on giving up on that fire and sleep cold and hungry soul, hungry uncomfortable and not satisfied looking at the stars and casting wishes, thinking that we need something to inspire us or create us, we are afraid to focus on the spark because it feels distant and fragile, but you cannot deny it a spark is a flame it is a fire inside you, we all have it, you have it.
The spark is you, that feeling of an idea that just sits with you sometimes it’s a small thing like a hunch and sometimes it is an idea, it is that you inside you, you are a fire of sparks and trusting your fire will make you a wild one setting all alight, believe in your spark it is a good story.

I think of the writers that wrote the stories that have lasting ripples in my life, how they must have trusted word by word as they write the story, trusting that this is worth telling, Their courage has left a mark on my life, and it all form trusting that spark, I think a story with all the good techniques and all the best ways of writing can still be a bit of a blunder if not honest, it will pass you, but a good story is an honest story, an honest story comes from a true spark, comes from you.
Thank you for reading
Have an epic week
Peace and Love.

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