There is no sound if it is not Your voice
There is no sight if it is not Your face
There is no touch if not Your embrace
There is no life if not alive with You

how much breath for a good prayer
On these scuffed knees maybe seven hundred
Ten thousand between my calloused clasped hands
Ten thousand more prayers embedded on this sealing
I have yet to raise the dead but I am coming alive
I have yet to move mountains but with joy, I run over
I have yet to feed a nation but I have dinner with friends
I have yet to walk on water but I practice dancing in the rain

There is sound for Your voice resonates in everything
There is sight for all that is seen is a reflection of You
There is touch for all bears Your fingerprint
There is life for all lives in You

I do not know what to do but I know right now that I can not stop, there are many questions and attempting to answer them I feel as if it only brings more questions, but what I know is right now I must not stop. stopping, makes it harder to start, stopping sometimes gives space for your mind to bitch about you, and question your sanity, it seems that you receive most damage between rounds, obviously, you are getting punched in the round but sitting back in your corner and your body has time to realise what has been happening and wants to start the recovery process and yet there are still rounds left, legs stiff you stand up here we go again, when running long distance it is dangerous to just stop and sit down before you finish, getting up and getting back into stride seems, now more of a battle than the race itself.

I guess it is not that I do not know what to do, its more that I am tired, it is being unsure how many rounds are left, it is being afraid because the end is still uncertain, afraid of trying and not making the finish line, what race/fight is after this?
I know what I need to do but the outcome is uncertain, I think I have often made a success the finish line, but that’s not the line.

I don’t even think there is a line it is living this beautiful life alive as yourself, it is doing what you love, for me, it is writing this book, and doing what is required to finish it, but after that, there is more writing to be done, no line to cross no bell to be rung, but a life to be alive in.

The questions I have will reveal itself in the journey, will writing bring a stable income one day? I do not know, maybe but that’s not the last round nor finish line, I can not stop to think about it, I know what I need to do now is write as much as I can and spend time with this love of mine.
I must not burden this with fearful questions. I know what I must do its just, I am afraid to do it.
I honestly believe many of us know what we have to do but we are paralysed by fear and disguise fear with questions, and trying to figure out things, but what we want is certainty and often when it comes to things of the heart the answer is faith.

Why do I write? I trust the feeling inside me that speaks to me, I trust this compass called love. I have no clue where this is going to go, what will happen with this blog, all I know is that I want to write and keep at it and I want to write more honest I want to create blogs that inspire and that you enjoy to read I love writing so I write and I trust.
What will happen with the books I am working on? No clue I have my hopes of what I want to achieve so I work at it, but right now all I can do is trust, I mean, I can die while I write even this pieces, and then what I don’t know I just trust.
Does any of it make sense? Honestly, I am not sure, i don’t think so but I have faith and I trust.

I hope that you enjoyed reading.
Thank you.
Peace and Love.

My eyes see a finish line.
My heart knows that there is more to cross, and hope not to die before.
My eyes see goals
My heart sees forever.

It is hard to not be enticed by the allure of growth by social media, most platforms have a way to rank and rate you if it is with views or likes even this blog sends me notifications of your response.
The feeling of growth is addictive the idea that this can do better than the other makes you feel good, and it gives worth to your product, we might not say it in so many words, yet if you reflect back on your own body of work you might say this one done better than that one because of the number of likes or shares.
My question is what then when you hit that capricious number of followers or likes or shares what then?
I enjoy goals, something to work towards, and I enjoy stats, the more detail the better not sure why but I do, (When I die, I would love for God to give me my stats, how far I have walked, how many words I spoke.)
I am using the platforms and I enjoy them and their stats some I prefer more than others, and some I just don’t have any interest in.
I am writing this blog and I would honestly enjoy it if, writing this could supply me with some income if it is with AdSense or however, I would be proud of myself if I grow to have a dedicated audience that reads this blog, and to achieve mini-goals like that is an enjoyable experience.

My eyes hold what it can see
My heart feels what it knows
I have yet to realise what I can be
I have yet to look trough soul windows.

I write this blog because I enjoy writing.

writing kidI wrote in random books as a youngster they are now lost dust gathers, I remember how I enjoyed writing in the books no idea what I wrote and how the book might have looked like, but I can not forget how I feel, because I still feel it now even while writing this, it was hard to start today, but now I am in it and I am alive.

We just must not lose heart at the sight of how we think it’s going, nothing can measure the amount one’s art can speak to the heart, we do not see the eyes that view our work and we do not know how much it might mean to him/her, we must not lose heart when our eyes do not see what it thought it desires, listen closely to the whisper of your heart it sees no goal only a way to express.

Platforms such as this is a gift, you are reading this now because of social media and it is a privilege as an artist, it is amazing time we live in now to share and create, it feels more collaborative than ever.
I just don’t want to have a finish line because my heart does not ever want to stop writing.

My heart whispers no more
I know the words to the song
Finish and start all the same
My eyes now windows to the soul.

Thank you for reading, Peace and Love.